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"Colton's Thanksgiving Day Muley"
Photo provided by: Paul Stone

Paul Stone writes, "My boy has hunted for mulies before, but this was his first harvest. We were on a 400 acre piece of private land just east of Maxwell, New Mexico. We arrived at the land around 5:30 and waited in the vehicle for about an hour. Once the sun started to show, the two of us and his little brother made our way up the hillside. We walked and stopped, walked and stopped, but only saw a few tracks. We then decided to go back to the truck, get a little snack, and hit the other side of the property. Just as we came down to the fenceline and into a clearing, I looked up and saw three muleys...two does and the buck. I told Colton, there was a buck, he got himself ready and we waited for the doe behind the buck to move. As soon as the doe moved, my boy took a shot and the three took off up the hill. Unsure if the buck was hit or not, the three crested the top of the hill, with another six to eight does leading the herd. We moved down a little more, Colton steadied the .303 British and could see the buck was moving slow and sluggish. We then waited for another doe to move from in front of him, the doe moved and Colton shot! The bullet hit, but he just kept walking. Colton then chambered another shell and shot, dropping the buck in his tracks. Great job son, excellent way to enjoy your 2009 Thanksgiving Day!"

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