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"Kristy First Buck...A Dandy"
Photo provided by: Dave Donaldson

Dave Donaldson writes, "Here are pictures of my (wife) Kristy's very first hunt and her first muley buck. After spotting the buck at around 1500 yards and watching him bed for the day, we talked for a while and planned her a route and a strategy to put a stalk on the bedded buck. Using the terrain for cover and keeping the steady wind in her face, she stalked her way towards the buck. Showing a huge amount of patience and stealth, Kristy was able to stalk around the 8 bedded does that were close to the buck. The buck was bedded in the head of a small brushy draw that forced her to stalk within about 80 yards of him before she could get a clear shot at the bedded buck. Just as she crawled to the point she had a clear shot the buck stood, she didn't hesitate and stood and shot. Placing a 120 grain Nosler BT from her 7mm-08 thru both lungs. The buck bolted about 50 yards and expired! Congratulations Kristy!"

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