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"Great Utah Mule Deer Hunt"
Photo provided by: David Eggett

This year, David Eggett again returned to an area he has been hunting for the past 4 seasons.

David writes, "I actually spotted him on Friday (8/22) as we were packing in...we backpacked in and camped, and we then put him to bed for the day. We continued up the hill and got our camp setup, and then decided to work our way around the bowl to where we last saw the buck with his buddies. We took our time and had some lunch, then decided to make our move about 4:45pm. My buddy and I split up and he went to the north of the buck and I stayed to the south. We thought that we would close in from both directions in hopes that one of us would get a shot. As luck would have it, he did not go far from where we last saw him and that was the side from which I made my approach. As I peaked over a rock outcroppiong, looking straight downhill into the pines, there he lay, sound asleep in his bed with his buddies. His rack was on the ground and I freaked out. I ranged him....30 yards at about a 35 degree downhill angle. I backed off the edge, dropped my pack, and prepared for the shot. This is my first "big buck" and I cannot tell how excited I was. About that time, a gust of wind came and blew down the hill to where he lay, and he awoke. He looked around, and then as I drew on him in his bed, he looked up at me. I thought he would bolt instantly, and so I rushed the shot, but as I let the arrow fly I knew it was a great shot. The rest is hostory! It all turned out great!"

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