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"Fun & Successful Muley Hunt"
Photo provided by: Chris Ozella

Chris Ozella writes, "Here are a few bucks we got in eastern Montana this year. My son, Christopher, and friend, Dave, are veteran whitetail hunters and they both took their first mule deer bucks this year.

Christopher took his buck (2nd photo) on the 5th day of hard hunting, the first week in Nov. He had passed on five other bucks and we were unsucessful on two previous stalks. This buck was with a 3-point and a 4-point, both of which were smaller than him. Christopher made a nice 170 yard shot down into a clay canyon filled with juniper and sage.

My friend, Dave, and I shot our bucks on the 6th day. Dave found his buck (lower photo) bedded on a steep clay cliff, hiding in the shade. After looking him over for a few minutes, Dave decided he was the one. One shot kept him in his bed for good.
Later that day I saw my buck (top photo) with a very tall racked deer about a mile from Dave's buck. With little shooting light left, I quickly closed the distance and snuck around a small 2-point to get within 150 yards and make the shot. Although we didn't take any real bruisers, we had a great hunt and saw a load of bucks."

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