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"Big Ole' Bull for Jeff"
Photo provided by: Jeff Mecham

Jeff Mecham, aka 1fatbass here at, writes, "Finally got it done...I took the last 2 weeks of the hunt off of work hoping the elk would get going. Hunted hard all of last week and hardly heard a bugle, so I decided to sit waterholes almost every night, passed on 3 bulls right around 300"...

I came home Saturday to watch my two sons football games and to reload.. both boys won and BYU - good day.

Sunday morning, me and my buddy, Tyler (awesome elk caller), headed back down to camp. My plan was to go sit a wallow even though I knew Tyler wanted to get after it and do some callin'. We headed down the canyon and found two of our other buddies had just killed a spike and a cow on both wallows in the canyon. Plan 2 - Ty gets his wish - hike my fat butt off!

We headed up the closest canyon to the wallows. We were about a mile and a half up the canyon when we busted a cow out of an opening - thought we were done for. We sat down on a big ol' log deciding what to do next, I looked at Ty and said, "give another bugle". He bugled and immediatley this bull answered back with a huge growling bugle. Tyler slipped back in the trees and started cow calling and again the bull answered, more a growl than a bugle. I spotted him at about two hundred yards in some thick nasty stuff, but couldn't get a good look at him. He stopped and raked a pine tree for about 5 minutes, Tyler bugled again and he lifted his head all I could see was his fourths and whale tails - I turned to Tyler and gave him the thumbs up. Tyler started cow calling again and it was on, he was coming fast. I grabbed my range finder and ranged a rock where I thought he might come out...42 yards. I still hadn't seen his full rack. He stepped out and stood over the rock I had ranged. I was already at full draw, I settled in and let him have it. He went thirty yards and fell over, then he got back up and went into the trees, where we heard him fall again. Then it all set in, I couldn't believe what had just happened and how fast. Worked out perfect and I couldn't be any happier!"

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