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"Big Northern Utah Screamin' Bull for Skye"
Photo provided by: Skye Miller

Skye Miller writes, "I killed this bull Sunday the 6th in northern Utah. We waited for an hour and a half at forty yards from this bull while he was screaming his guts out and taking out all of his frustrations on the wallow he was rollin' around and splashing in. As soon as it was starting to get light, he started to move up the canyon, so we moved up to the wallow and I let out a cow call from my Woodwise Choke Me cow call and that's all it took. He turned and was on his way back bugling, running, and crashin through the brush. He came out at 18 yards, I drew my Mathews, released and watched my a/c/c disappear behind his front shoulder and that's all she wrote. 60 yards later I had my bull. We taped him out at 325-6/8. He's my sixth bull with six arrows six years in a row."

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