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"Another 2009 Trophy Muley for David"
Photo provided by: David Bodine

David Bodine writes, "I got one for the photo contest. Its me again. I sent you some pics of my CO buck a few weeks ago. I've been living in AZ for a little over a year now and was able to havest another wonderful trophy.

I wasn't sure where to go since I hadn't hunted down here for 9 years. Luckily, (Cory Barker one of the biggest antler phenatics I have ever had the pleasure of meeting) a friend from high school and also works at the same mine as me was nice enough to take me shed hunting with him. Although we only found 1 shed, we saw a lot of deer so when archery season rolled around I was on the phone with Cory talking about the spot. He had been watching some good bucks in the area, but he wasn't able to go because of work schedule, but gave me the go ahead.

I hunted the area hard the first 2 days once with my brother John. We saw a huge 4x4 buck that would probably go 180-190 and also a 35" wide 4x4, but could never make it happen. The third day I got out was Monday, and I sat on a water hole from sun up till 7:30 with no luck, so I decided to walk around a little. As I came to a wash, I saw a 3 point eating on the other side about 400 yards away and the stalk was on.

As I cleared the wash and came out on the other side, I spooked some deer about 60 yards away. Two bucks ran back through the wash and I blew a call and they stopped. I could see they both had nice racks and after a few minutes they began walking through the wash. I hurried back through the wash and thought they had already came through the other side and went over the hill. Then, I caught the glimpse of a rack through the mesquite trees. Some how I had got in front of them and they were headed right at me. I dropped to my knees and went to full draw as they came out from behind the bushes about twenty five yards out. The deer stopped and looked at me, at that same second I let the arrow fly...WHACK!!

The arrow hit him in the spine and he hit the ground. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even have to track him, and with a finish up shot to the chest it was over. Once again, God has blessed me with a trophy and people around me that make it all come together. He's a 22-inch wide 4 point with a 1-1/2 inch extra on his right base and green scored 166. Once again, I was without a camera and my wife Jessica hiked out to the deer to take some pictures...8 months pregnant. Love you babe, thanks for the support."

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