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"Screamin' Bull for Shane"
Photo provided by: Shane Todd

Shane Todd writes, "I drew an elk tag in northern New Mexico for the 2009 season. My father-in-law and I got to the area a couple days early and scouted. Opening day was a wet and cold day and we weren't able to close the deal on a bull we had gotten in on, so I decided to call it a day and try to get back on him in the morning. The next morning we immediately went to the area where we thought the bull would be. Right away, we heard a bugle and the chase began again. We followed him for about three and a half hours. I was able to get about 50 yards from him and bugled. He turned and came straight at me. I was tucked away in some oak brush and watched him for several minutes as he came within twenty yards of me, but I was not able to get a shot. This continued to go on for about thirty minutes back and forth with him and never able to get a shot on him. I got him to come in about 6 times and it was just too thick and I wasn't going to risk hitting a branch and wounding him. I called him in again and he came straight at me. When he stepped behind a tree I was able to draw, he saw the movement and peaked around the tree looking straight at me. We had a stand off for what seemed like an hour just staring at each other, by then I was shaking from holding my bow back and knew there was no way I could get a clean shot on him shaking as bad as I was. He finally went back behind the tree and I was able to let down my bow. He turned broadside and began to move to my right. I picked out a spot where I could stop him and get a clean shot. I drew my bow and cow called at him as he stepped into the shooting lane I had picked out. I touched off the arrow and it hit its mark behind his front shoulder. I was able to find my arrow which made a complete pass through, by now my father-in-law was with me. We waited for an hour (seemed like an eternity) to give the bull plenty of time to expire. We located him only 50 yards from where I shot him. He's 6x6 and my second bull."

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