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"Velvet Buck for David"
Photo provided by: David Kirkwood

David Kirkwood writes, "Here some pics of my 2010 archery muley I harvested. Myself (left) and my buddy, Chris, hunted hard in 100 degree heat chasing the big boys with many failed attempts for two and a half weeks. The end of the third weekend found me setting myself up to ambush this 3x4 buck as he made his way to his bedding area, at only 5 yards this buck stopped and my arrow found it's mark. This was not the biggest buck on the mountain, but probably the most fun. I would like to thank my buddy Chris for all the time he put in with me on this hunt. If not for Chris I may have lost this buck. Chris was able to get to a vantage point and watch this buck bed in the shade and expire. Hopfully next year we can put some time in on the big boys again."

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