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"Mark's Monster 385 Bull"
Photo provided by: Mark Heltzel

Mark Heltzel writes, "What a year! I had already harvested my 80 in. archery antelope in August and now it was time to set my sights on my 2010 archery elk hunt. I never would have imagined that I would harvest two trophy class animals in the same year. My elk hunt started out with my boys telling me not to take anything smaller then the elk I already have on the wall. On opening morning I passed on a nice 6x6 that we had seen several times from our scouting prior to the season. I had text my son, Breck, to tell him that I had passed up the shot and he told me Dad keep holding out and you will get the big one. For the next few days I had seen several small rag horns and spikes. Not until that following Friday did the rut start coming into full swing. What happened next will be a memory I will never forget. My brother, Michael, and his hunting partner, Joe, and I set out to locate the monster bulls we knew were in the Honey Hole. Usually the bulls are screaming, but on this day they decided to be quiet. My brother let out a few bugles to try and locate them and shortly thereafter we got a response. Joe and I hurried to get set up and Michael continued to call when the forest just lit up. There were bulls screaming and cows mewing everywhere around us. It was some of the most violent fighting and bugling I have ever heard. I had a huge 370 class 6 point chasing a cow come by at 35 yards. When I started to draw back on the 6x6 out of the corner of my eye I had the biggest bull I have ever seen come into view through the trees. He was just a monster. My brother let out a few more cow calls at just the right time to stop the cow and the other big bull along with my 390 class 10x9 bull at 40 yards. With one shot the bull ran less then 80 yards where he piled up. My Honey Hole bull gross scores 385 1/8. If it weren’t for his broken points he would score well over 390. I want to thank my brother Michael for calling in the bull of a lifetime and my other brother Jeff and Joe for all their help in getting that monster out. And Breck thanks again for reminding me to keep holding out for the big one, and yes I am still crying son."

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