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"34-Inch Colorado Smokepole Buck for Lewie"
Photo provided by: Lewie Foltz

Lewie Foltz writes, "I spotted "Big Boy" 7 days before the 2010 Colorado muzzlelaoder season. After putting a good stalk to get 60 yards from a nice 165-inch deer and after a severe case of "itchy-trigger-finger-syndrome", I decided to back out because it was the first day, and I knew that Big Boy could be up there somewhere.

As I began glassing this big bowl, I suddenly spotted 2 sets of antlers. One of the bedded bucks was Big Boy! With the wind perfect, I quickly made my way over to the knoll above him, took off my pack and my boots and stalked to 50 yards above him. As soon as he made it to his feet, I pulled the trigger and watched the bullet enter behind the shoulder. Although I knew it was a lethal shot, I watched Big Boy disappeared over the bench. After some whooping and hollering, and thanking God, the reality hit me that Big Boy may have just went over a cliff! Sure enough, he dropped down and over a 300 foot rock cliff and landed in a twisted, scrambled pile that resembled road kill. When I reached him, and pulled his contorted body straight, I thankfully found no missing tines, only some chips on the tips of a couple points and stripped velvet. I was truly blessed and humbled to harvest such a great buck for my first mule deer! His outside spread is 34 inches wide and he scores roughly 183."

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