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"Montana Whopper Bull for John"
Photo provided by: John

John writes, "Here is a pic of my public land bull I shot on September 12, 2010. I was chasing around a big 5 point and ran across this big guy in heavy timber. I thought it was the big 5 when I shot because I didn't have a clear view of the rack and he ran out of there so quick I still didn't have a clear view of him. He took awhile to find since he died in an aspen choked bottom and didn't bleed much. I was honestly in disbelief when my buddy and I walked up on him. I really had no idea the bull was of that size and told my buddy that's not the bull I shot because I made myself believe I shot the 5 point. There was only one way to find out, I rolled the bull over and dug out the other half of my arrow! This was when the celebration began and I knew I killed a bull of a lifetime! Haven't had a chance to score him yet, but should be one of the top typicals ever shot in Montana."

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