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"Beautiful Muzzleloader Buck for Bob (Contest Winner!)"
Photo provided by: Robert Naugle

Winner of our Mule Deer Buck Field Photo Contest!
Prize = $150.00 in Cash!

Robert Naugle writes, "My dad (Bob) drew a decent muzzleloader tag this year in Nevada. As usual we picked up grandpa on the way and hit the hills last week. We saw nice bucks every day scouting and both days we hunted. We know there were bigger deer in the area, but this guy was in the right place at the right time (for us). I spotted him from a rocky knoll about and hour and half before dark. We moved into position down wind, then my brother and dad made the stalk on hands and knees to get within about 80 yards. I was watching them through the binos when I lost track of the deer (group of about 10 total), I was thinking CRAP they might have given them the slip. Then all of a sudden I see the puff of smoke, I see a deer kicking up dust, and then I hear my brother yell "wooo hooooo". I ran down as fast as I could to snap some pics while I had enough daylight. Awesome trip. Thanks again to the local fellas (and MM users) who gave us some good intel on where to scout."

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