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"A Fine Utah Muley for Jesse"
Photo provided by: Jesse Kennicott

Jesse Kennicott, aka jkennicott, downed this fine buck in Utah.

Jesse writes, "The snow that came two days into our "new" 5 day Utah hunt brought the deer down out of their hiding places. I saw this bad boy running 100 yards behind the group of 8 does he was herding. From about 150 yards up a steep hill he stopped broadside for the shot. I had no dead rest and he was about over the top of the ridge, I had to take the shot. It looked like a hit, but he kept running. I slid another shell home and shot again. It felt high, but he dropped right after I shot. As I got up to the area he had dropped, I saw a blood trail. He had been hit on the first shot. I followed the trail until I found a slide mark. He had slid in the snow halfway down the hill. My irritation for having to climb up higher than I thought I would went away when I saw how wide he was. I rough measured him at 25.5"."

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