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"Couple Dandy Smokepole Bucks"
Photo provided by: Rodney

Rodney writes, "These 2 bucks were harvested during New Mexico's muzzleloader season. This was the second year my dad (Herman) and I have gone for muzzle. I spent a long 5 days of chasing big bucks, but a shot was never presented to me. My dad harvested his buck on the 2nd day of the hunt. We were glassing for about 30 minutes until we found this deer in the thickest weeds you could not believe! My dad managed to sneak up to this buck as the wind was in our favor. He stalked for about 20 mintues and managed to get a shot in! On the 5th day of the hunt, late afternoon, we had decided to check an area out where some big bucks have been spotted a couple days prior. I knew something had to be around! No later than 10 minutes of checking the area out, I spotted this buck about 100 yards out. I put my crosshairs on the buck and took the shot, down he went! The buck I harvested is unique because of the long antler he has on the right side. This deer season I wanted something bigger and knew I would have to work for it. Patience finally paid off and tagged out! I've learned that hunting with a muzzleloader was not as easy as I though but still had a great time!"

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