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"Lucky Colin = Awesome Ram"
Photo provided by: Colin Bodkin

Colin Bodkin writes, "I moved to Roosevelt, Utah in February 2008 and put in for my first Utah resident hunts in 2009. My sister-in-law had been putting in for bighorn sheep for her once-in-a-lifetime tag, so I figured I’d give that a shot too. As luck would have it, I drew out for the San Juan/Lockhart unit with only 1 bonus point in 2010. Everyone, including myself, was beside themselves. I had to get in sheep shape! I hit the treadmill, weights, and shooting range as often as possible until the day of the hunt. I went down in the 3rd week of September for a few days, but it was too hot & sheep just weren’t moving about. I went back a month later and the cooler weather did the trick. I spotted 2 decent rams on the 2nd day and went after the better of the 2 on the 3rd day. I lost track of the ram on the side of the slope after I climbed up halfway. As luck would have it, the ram snuck up behind me! I took a shot, but only wounded him – he was on the move. The 2nd shot knocked him down and the rest is history. What a hunt!"

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