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"31-Inch Rutting Muley Buck for Eric"
Photo provided by: Eric Craig

Eric Craig writes, "We spotted and passed on this buck first thing in the morning of opening day then after glassing a few more areas we decided to return and glass the drainage where we saw him that morning. After studying him for a while, we knew he was a wide buck and might be one worth shooting, so we made the long rough ride around the backside of the ridge so we could come over the top and get within 300 yards of the buck to be sure he was the one. I spotted him from the top of the ridge and was amazed at the width he actually had. At that point, I decided to take him and anchored down over the rocks and let the lead fly only to hear my dad say that I had missed him low. I quickly chambered another round and followed him as he chased his hot doe around the brush waiting for him to stop and give me another chance. A couple minutes later he did just that and I slowly pulled the trigger and hit him right square in the ribs directly behind the front shoulder. At that point, I was sure he was done for, but to my surprise he continued to circle the brush chasing his doe. It took three more rounds to get him to finally hit the dirt. It's amazing what male hormones can do that buck was the strongest buck I have ever seen. When I finally got to him I had 4 rounds from my 300 Win. Mag. placed in him...1 in the neck, 2 in the ribs and 1 in the hind quarter. It was an amazing day and provided me, my dad and my brother with a life time memory."

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