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"224-Inch Monster Muley for Connor"
Photo provided by: Troy McClymont

Troy McClymont writes, "My son, Connor, who is thirteen year's old shot a 7x7 muley that has a gross typical score of 200-5/8 and 224-0/8 gross non-typical score. On the day he shot this deer, we arrived an hour and 15 before the sun rose to lay on a hilltop. I had been observing the buck the previous three weeks. We spotted the buck approximately 3/4 mile north of us about a half hour before sunrise. He was walking with two other bucks from west to east/northeast. After about 20 minutes, the buck suddenly headed southeast towards us. The hill we layed on was 180 yards from the property line. All land to the north was posted. Within 10 minutes, the buck dropped down into an old creek bed and disappeared. The creek bed meandered south into the pasture we could hunt. From where we sat, we could see if the buck ever came out of the creek. After laying around nearly 2.5 hours watching for the deer, I noticed Connor was getting cold and yawning, so I told him to stick his head into his jacket and try to get some sleep. Within minutes, Connor was snoring. I was chuckling to myself when I looked one more time and saw that the buck was approximetly 125 yards from our property. I woke Connor up and we watched the buck jump the fence into the property. In the process, he had picked up another buck and now traveled with 3 bucks. They were feeding 285 yards from us, but the wind was blowing around 25 mph that morning. Fortunately, the deer were northeast of us and the wind was blowing from the south/southeast. After watching for about 45 minutes, the deer bedded down. We slowly belly-crawled backwards off the hill and worked our way to the north of the deer. Because the grass was so tall, we had to get closer to the deer than I wanted. We belly-crawled to the crest of the creek and I glassed through the grass and found the buck. I watched the deer's antlers through the grass while Connor continued on another 10 feet. Connor never once picked his head up above his gun and took almost an hour to travel the 10 feet. He rose up and saw the buck was bedded broadside towards him. He shot and the buck stood up. I knew he had made a good lung shot, but because we were so close to the property line, he put another shot into him. We ranged the shot at 88 yards. This was only Connor's third deer. In his first season (2009), he shot a 4x5 25-1/8 muley and a doe. The day before the hunt, I was hunting on the same hill and passed the deer up in the hopes that one of my sons would have a chance at this buck. I told him he needs to now start shooting whitetails!"

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