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"Marvin's Fantastic Archery Bull"
Photo provided by: Marvin Poulson

Marvin Poulson writes, "I decided to try to draw archery elk this year and was successful. We started early this summer with trail cameras, which was the first time I have used one. I have to say, it added tons of fun and made every scouting trip successful. I included some of the best pictures we captured on the camera (of 100ís) and then pictures of the bull I was fortunate to harvest. I spent a lot of time in a tree stand above the camera, but as the summer and hunt progressed, I saw less and less at the stand. I always, I made sure I went hunting if it was stormy and it paid off. On Thursday Sept. 9, it was stormy and cold and was the only time I had a 6 point come into my tree stand, but he was too small (The bull covered in mud in the pictures). The next morning I went about 2 miles east where we had found good bulls the weekend before and found myself in the middle of I would say 6 to 8 bugling bulls, starting with one no more than 50 feet from my camp before daylight. I was by myself, so I slowly hiked towards bugles to see what I could do. I was able to sneak in on two different bulls (they were nice, but not monsters) only to have cows bust me before any chance of a shot. I attempted another one but the wind was all wrong so I headed for the ridge to glass and dry out. As I sat on the ridge around 11:30 there was still a bull bugling, but I didnít see him as big enough to chase. About an hour later, I spotted another bull across the canyon and knew he was the biggest I had seen all day and decided to get the wind in my favor and see what happens. I then hiked down around and above where I thought he might be and had the wind blowing up at me. I didnít see or hear anything and wondered if I would. By now it was about 3:00 pm, so I sat down and took a nap against my back pack. At 3:45 I was woke up by a bugle maybe 120 yards below me. I then got ready and started to sneak. As I moved into the pines, I heard him again and thought he was moving, but I just took it slow and as quiet as I could. I didnít hear him again and was lucky to see him standing in the pines maybe 40 yards below me. He knew I was something there but did not spook. I just froze and watched because I didnít have a good shot and wasnít sure how big he was. At first I thought he was a 5 point until he turned his head. When I saw 6 points I told myself if he gives me a shot I had better take it. He walked a little to my left and gave me a chance to move, which I did and got on my knees so I could see better. He didnít go far and then stood in some thick trees. After about an hour of this and not having a good clear shot, he heard something he liked up above us and decided to go towards it, which brought him into the best lane I had and it gave me a 25 yard shot, which I took and connected through both lungs. He didnít go far. He may not be the biggest bull on the mountain, but I felt very fortunate to have got one with my bow, and I have to say, I now know what everyone means when they say there was no ground shrinkage, because I was pleased when I found him and he was heavy and bigger than I thought."

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