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"Booth Family Elk Hunting Fun (Contest Winner!)"
Photo provided by: Brandon Booth

Winner of our Most Unique Bull Elk Contest!
Prize = $100.00 in Cash!

Brandon Booth, aka bbooth22 here at, sent over these photos of the great year that the Booth family had in 2010.

Brandon writes, "I ended up shooting the small 5x5. It was only my second bull in my life, so I was happy. My brother, Justin aka westernsky, ended up shooting the crazy horned bull in New Mexico this year with his bow. The left antler on the bull comes out right above the eye of the bull and splits into a main beam and then 2 long brow tines. The base is very massive. The right side is an awesome 8 point that would go 370, but with the funny side the bull grossed 345. Less than 1 month later, he and I were hunting in Colorado and he shot a great 6 point that went 324 gross in a public, over-the-counter unit. So, two 300 bulls in the same year. One cool note about my 5 point bull and the 6 point bull of Justin's is they were both shot out of the same herd less than 1 min. apart at 420 and 480 yards. The fourth bull in these pics is my sisters bull that we got in a public unit in Colorado. This was her first bull of her life and ended up 305 gross. This bull is basically a big 5 point with an extra point off his four and he barely forks on the other side. She was very stoked to get this bull after many years of no success. And I was happy to be there for her to get the job done. So, 2010 was a good year for the Booth's. All of these bulls were no easy job. We earned each one of these with hard work and patients and a foundation of hunting that we all owe to our dad. Hopefully 2011 can be half as good as 2010 was, but we will have to just wait and see. I cant wait!"

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