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"Leif's Washington Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Leif

Leif writes, "I shot this buck on the second to last day of the Washington state general rifle season. Myself and two buddies were in Bickleton, Washington and we were hunting all day long and didn't see much for horns all day. So, we were driving down the main road in Bickleton when we saw some deer up on this hill side in a guys hay fields. This buck was the only deer there with horns on his head. We then went up the road a little ways and parked in a guys driveway to take a better look and to see if there was another buck with the group. We decided that we needed to find out who owned the property and ask for permission to hunt. We decided to drive toward town and we saw a guy walking on this property and we stopped and asked him if he owned the property. The guys told us that he didn't own it, but he pointed us in the direction of where we could find the guy who did. We preceeded down the road to the guys house and knocked on his door. When he answered, we introduced ourselves and explained the situation. The guy thought about it for a few minutes and then told us that we could go up there and get him. We went back to the property and went after this good looking buck. It took us about and hour to put on the stalk because this buck was with 15 or so does, so it was really hard to get into a good position. We actually ended up spooking all of those does and thought that the hunt was over. We got in the middle of the hay field after the does took off. I thought that the buck took off with the rest of the deer, so I was really disappointed. Then one of my buddies told me to not move because we got pegged by a doe that was bedded at the end of the field. Shortly after we stopped, the buck stood up right next to the doe and started walking off, but he had no idea we were there. The doe started walking the other way and the buck started to sneak on her. My buddy then tried to stop the deer with a grunt and he kept walking, so he made a louder grunt and the buck stopped and quartered to us at about 90 yards and I put my crosshairs right behind the shoulder and hit him right in the pump house. This is the biggest deer that I have killed and I'm having him mounted. This hunt shows that asking for permission to hunt private grounds can pay off, all it takes is a simple knock of a door."

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