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"Nice Whitetail for Jordan"
Photo provided by: Dean Parisian

Dean Parisian writes, "In a young mans life there are a lot of first's. First is usually memorable. At 14, my son, Jordan, killed his first whitetail buck this morning in a dry creek bed in South Georgia. We had gotten down late Friday afternoon in time for Jordan to miss a big deer right at sunset and then we hunted all day saturday and he didn't see a deer. This was our 3rd trip down, our 3rd day of hunting and the 3rd deer Jordan had spotted this weekend. One neck shot anchored him. I am happy for my son. He took his first deer last year, a doe and was being selective on the size of buck he wanted to shoot. We encourage taking bucks with 8 points on the farm we hunt and Jordan didn't disappoint. He didn't get discouraged, worked hard, stayed positive to the end and made the shot when it counted. A prouder Dad tonight in America would be hard to find. We had a great time making memories. I am thankful and grateful for my own Dad who, now age 87, gave me so much of his time in teaching me to hunt and to handle so many different types of firearms. It is a treat to pass on the heritage."

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