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"Riley's 327-Inch Saskatchewan Bull"
Photo provided by: Kevin Rozdeba

Kevin Rozdeba writes, "My 14 year old son, Riley, drew a tag on his third year of applying. My wife and I let him miss school so he could hunt the opening day....September 1st. He passed on a 280" bull I called out first thing that morning, but chose to wait knowing there were larger bulls around. Thursday and Friday evenings after school found us out in the hills in search of a bull. Riley continued to pass on smaller bulls, and we had action all the time. At 9am Saturday, September 4th, I let out a soft bull call and this guy went nuts across the river. Before we knew it this bull jumped in and began to swim towards us. There was very little cover for us to hide in, and all we could do was lay down. I let out some cow chirps and he kept coming. I gave Riley my swarovski’s and he asked if it was the big one. I told him "NO" and Riley said I’m going to kill him anyway. We remained motionless and the bull hit shore and shook himself off. As he took a few steps forward, Riley shot with my STW and hit the bull. He chambered another round and put another one in him. The bull went about ten paces spun and collapsed. The bull was 26 yards away from Riley on his first shot. What a rush for both of us. We will never forget that experience. Riley’s Saskatchewan bull grossed 327" B&C."

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