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"Kris' 363 P&Y Montana Bull"
Photo provided by: Kris Keller

While hunting Montana in September, Kris Keller was able to spot and stalk to within 38 yards of this big boy.

Kris writes, "I had spotted this great bull the day before archery season started. He was with around 100 head of other elk. I didn't hunt him opening day because that's too many eyes, ears, and noses to try to fool. I got on him Sunday night, but there was even more elk and one other bull in the group that I figured was around that 350 mark. Well, Sunday night some heavy rain moved in and the forecast called for rain most of the week, so I headed home. At work that week I couldn't get the bull off my mind, so I took off early Friday afternoon and headed back out to elk camp. I was hunting by around 4:30 and went in looking for the bull. At around 6:00, I found him with a rage horn and 7 cows. The big bull was running the rage horn off, so I made my move. When I got to where I thought I needed to be, he was at 100 yards. He fed straight to me and gave me a broadside shot at 40 yards, but before I got the shot off he turn straight towards me again. He fed around for awhile and then turned broadside and then quartering away at 38 yards and I let the monster eat and drilled him behind the shoulder. I decided to leave him over night. At day light the next morning, I found him right where he had layed down. I had him offialy scored on November 11th and he went 363-3/8 gross and 355-4/8 net P&Y."

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