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"Highcountry Wyoming Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Dave Madsen

Dave Madsen writes, "I shot this buck in Wyoming on opening day of the 2010 general rifle hunt. It was quite a brutal experience. My friend and I began hiking at about 9:00 in the evening. I had not had an opportunity to scout out water in the area, but assumed there would be some, somewhere along our planned camping path. After not finding water, at 1:00am we decided to drop camp and go back down for water. We arrived back at "camp" at about 3:00. We still had nearly 3000 feet of elevation to climb to where we wanted to hunt, so we just abandoned any plans of sleep and headed up the hill. I spotted this buck out feeding with another small 4 point. He was about 30 yards from the top of the mountain. I shot him at about 150 yards. It was over 7 miles back to the trail head. After pictures and some trash talking we caped him, boned him out and started back down. We stopped back at our camp for a short rest and some food and continued the pack out. We got back in the truck at 6:40pm. The buck is 27" wide, and had the largest body I have ever seen on a mule deer. This was my first time hunting in Wyoming. I think I will be back. I now know there is water about 20 minutes farther up the trail from where we set up our camp!"

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