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"33-Inch Wide, 198 Gross Utah Whopper"
Photo provided by: Jeremy Kaufman

Jeremy Kaufman writes, "Here are some pictures of my Northern Region Utah muley. My hunting partner, Josh, and I had scouted the area this fall and hadn't really seen a lot of mature shooter bucks. On the third day of the hunt with weather conditions forcing most hunters into the comfort of their campers or the cabs of their trucks, Josh and I decided to go beat the brush. After many hours of climbing straight up the face of a mountain and fighting threw the brush, we finally reached the top of the mountain and immediately started spotting deer. We had spotted a buck at about 1500 yards, but with the weather and terrain conditions we new that we couldn't put a stalk on him (it was late in the day and we were going to be running out of daylight). We continued to push on still spotting deer it seemed like everywhere we looked. Josh's binoculars had fogged up making it difficult for him to see threw them and weather conditions were getting worse. We had decided to go over one more ridge and take a look before turning to head out. It was a good thing we did. Over the next ridge Josh spots a deer, but is unable to tell if it was a buck or not. As soon as I put my glasses on the deer I knew it was a decent deer and told him that we should try to put a stalk on it. The deer was straight down the hill from us and about 1000 yards away. We were able to close in to around 300 yards and set up to make a shot. I sat down in the snow kicked my pack off and set up for a shot. The buck was making his way across the hillside unaware that we where even there and had stopped broadside to us. I was waiting for Josh to shoot, but the weather had taken its toll on his scope as well and he was unable to see the buck. I pulled down, put the crosshairs on the bucks neck and squeezed the trigger. The buck dropped in his tracks. Still not knowing exactly how big this buck was, we walked down the hill to him and this is what we 8x5, 33" wide, 198 gross score public land Monster Muley. I would like to thank my hunting partner, Josh (holding buck in the bottom photo), without his help this would have never happened, and my pack mules Shannon, Kyson, and Steve for helping me get this trophy off of the mountain."

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