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"Robert's Texas Muley"
Photo provided by: Robert Turner

Robert Turner writes, "I hunted everyday of our 9 day season for mule deer this year. The coldest morning was around 15 degrees. I did not see one buck on the place I was hunting. The last morning I hit my snooze button when my alarm went off at 5 a.m. I almost didn't get up. I knew I would be late for church if I shot something and I was so disappointed I hadn't seen anything yet. I did get up because I was not going to miss the last day after all the hours I had put in. I set up in some brush along a trail I thought the deer might follow. Just after sunrise I looked up and this monster just appeared. About 100 yards out and walking straight for me. I hunt alone and had to call my dad to come help me load him. At 300 lbs. field dressed, this thing was huge. Between him and two whitetail bucks, we should eat good this year. I can't wait to get the mount back and try again next year!"

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