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"Rick's New Zealand Adventure"
Photo provided by: Rick Hentges

Rick Hentges writes, "After dreaming about and saving for several years, I finally was able to go Red Stag hunting. With some research and lots of phone calls, I had decided that New Zealand was my better chance for a larger free range stag.
During the hunt, I passed up some smaller stags, and several that had broken antlers. On the 6th day of hunting, with scarce minutes left of shooting light, this stag just appeared like a ghost out of the heavy trees that we were watching. All I could see after the shot was a big bright muzzle flash and was elated to hear my guide yell "he's down". By the time we reached the stag it was total darkness. Because there are no predators in New Zealand, we decided to leave and come back at sunrise to take more pictures and finish dressing the stag.
He was taken on 04/08/2010 and the unofficial score is 392.
It was a dream hunt for me, and my wife and I got to spend a few days in a very beautiful country."

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