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"Stick-n-String Muley for Timothy"
Photo provided by: Timothy Laing

Timothy A Laing writes, "My buddy shot a 4x5 buck earlier in the day and I wasnít sure if I was going to go back for an evening hunt. I am glad I did! I spotted this buck from about 500 yards away feeding. I backed out of the spot I was at and circled around to where he was, kind of. I was only able to get within 195 yards of him and nothing in between him and me but grass/weeds. I watched him feed and then bed and then feed again. My only hope was he would feed in my direction, which didnít happen. Turns out that was much better for me because he fed right into a draw where the only thing I could see were his antlers. After watching this buck and planning my stalk on this buck for more than 2 hours, I was able to sneak up on him enough to get a shot and this was the result. While he is only a 3x3 with cheater and wonít score as well, he is a great old buck that I would never pass on. Great day to be a bow hunter!"

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