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"Goat Hunting Fun for Jessica"
Photo provided by: Jessica Gray

Jessica Gray writes, "So this last Thursday I got an interesting phone call from fish and wildlife licensing division. Some guy left a message and said that he might be able to offer me a hunt I applied for. I thought that was a strange message and when I realized the only hunt I put in for was Rocky Mountain Goat, I was immediately on the edge of my chair waiting to get in touch with him. Finally, he gave me a ring back and said that the person that drew the tag was injured and gave the tag back and I was second on the list and was wondering if I would like it. As I replied, "This is got to be some kind of joke?" He said it was my lucky day, so I accepted it and he said by the way the hunt opens in three days! So, I ran down and got the tag and studied up on as much mountain goat stuff as I could. I got in touch with the wildlife ranger and began to call in all of the favors from my hunting buddies. Needless to say, 4 am on Saturday, six horses were loaded in the trailer and off to start a 3-1/2 hour horse back ride up Maple Mountain, half of that in pitch black light with a headlamp on, and not the best trail. All I can say is thanks to Holiday, that's my horse, he did great! Finally, we ended up seeing 5 mountain goats along with a bunch of other amazing wildlife. We finally came along the group with my nanny. Everyone in my group really thought she was a billy from her size, and she was dominant next to the others she was with. 147 yards and she was all mine. I got ready and one shot later she was down. She was a little stubborn and had to take a little fall, more like a tumble 200 yards down the hill. All I can say is my Winchester .270 short mag did the job. When we got down to her, we dusted her off a little and she was perfect! Exactly what I wanted! So excited! Took about a half an hour of photos and then went to work! I mean work! All I can say is thanks to my group of friends that made the day great! I really owe you guys big! Couldn't be happier. She ended up having 9 inch horns and can't wait to see her in a full body mount. My once in a lifetime hunt was one to remember for a lifetime."

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