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"Jason's Downs a Great Nevada Muley"
Photo provided by: Jason Wittwer

Jason Wittwer writes, "Here's my 2010 Nevada muley. I shot him on the 3rd of August. This was by far the most exciting hunt I've been on. Me and my dad went on a lot of scouting trips and we saw tons of really good bucks during the summer, so I was so excited when the hunt finally opened. On the opening day of the hunt, I stalked within 40 yards of a really nice 4x5 buck and 4 other bucks. I drew back without him knowing I was there and shot and I missed in front of him by about 3 inches. It was pretty windy, so that may have messed up my shot, but I probably missed because I was pretty nervous....haha. About 2 hours after I missed that buck, I got another shot at a big 3x3 at 50 yards and I shot just over him because he jumped the string. Finally on the third day, I was walking along some think timber and walked onto this buck about 60 yards away. I still have no idea how he didn't see me, but he didn't. So I hurried and sat down and waited for him to stand up. After about 10 minutes, he got up and started feeding in my direction. When he got to 40 yards, I drew back while he had his head down feeding, and put my 40 yard pin right on him and let it fly. The arrow hit dead center and he ran about 200 yards straight downhill into some think timber and pilled up. He's around 26-27 inches wide and is a 4x4. As you can see his horns weren't done growing yet, so I named him NUBS because of how balled up the ends of his horns were. Even though I missed a few bigger bucks than this one, I couldn't be any happier."

The bottom two photos show some other bucks seen in the area.

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