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"213-Inch Muley Set for Harold - Contest Winner!"
Photo provided by: Harold Rose

WINNER - Biggest Buck Sheds
Harold Wins A Hat & Color Decal

Harold Rose writes, "We have been watching this buck (via trail camera) since Mid-November. Many people have seen him and many would liked to have picked up his antlers. I just got lucky. Being one of the two people that have permission to be on the private property where he resided, I was fortunate enough to pick these beautiful antlers up. They have a gross score of 213 inches and of interest is the fact that his mass measurements each score 4-1/2".

He wintered on the same property last year, but who knows where his antlers ended up. Trespassers take the majority of the antlers off the property and it is getting worse each year as the surrounding BLM lands are closed to human access Dec. 1 thru May 1 each year. We are patrolling more and catching a number of people each year. I just hope the buck will be back next year to see how he grows this year. It appears we are getting an early spring and he is still in excellent condition. He should put on some great growth this year again."

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