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"Father/Son Hunt to Remember = Big Buck"
Photo provided by: Rod Yaksich

Rod Yaksich writes, "My favorite animal to hunt is mule deer and my favorite way to do it is with my muzzleloader. My son (Danny 6 years old) and I have been watching this buck all summer in NE New Mexico. Danny had given him the nick name of the “king” because of his back forks. I take mule deer hunting so seriously that I was ok with taking Danny scouting, but not sure on the actual hunt. He came to me a couple of days before the hunt and said that if I took him he could do the ranging with the range finder that way I could just aim and shoot. How do you say no to that?

We found the buck quickly on opening morning. We watched him all day and decided to stalk him while he was in his bed about 2PM. The plan worked great, we were able to get above him and then low crawl within 150 yards. Danny gave me the range and the rest is history. Not officially scored yet, but he is my largest buck to date. He is a 5x6 with a legit 30” outside spread. The size of the buck was fantastic, but to share it with my son was truly priceless!!"

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