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"Eastern Washington Muley Success"
Photo provided by: Kory Countryman

Kory Countryman writes, "We were at about 6800 feet and right at the snow line. We had hunted this spot the last year, and saw quite a few nice bucks but never had a chance at any of the big ones, and I ended up taking a big 2x2 with eye guards. We scouted for a few weeks before the season and knew there was alot of deer, but knew it wasn't going to be easy. Opening morning we took off hiking down a ridge, and went about a half mile before I found a couple sets of doe tracks fresh in the snow. I followed them slowly and as quiet as possible because the snow was pretty crunchy. Pretty soon I spotted the two does about 100 yards below me on the next shelf on top of the ridge. I needed to get a little lower on the hill to get a better look to see if anything was with them, and when I moved into a better position the does were gone and this buck had his head down feeding about 120 yards ahead of me. I've heard of ground shrinkage, but this one just kept getting bigger as I walked up to it. The next day while the rest of my camp was hunting I watched a 2x3 bed down just below camp, and later took a friend down to shoot her first deer. Great opening weekend!"

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