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"Carl's 30-Inch Nevada Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Carl Windle

Carl Windle writes, "Just returned from Nevada. Here are a few pics of a real dandy buck. He is 29 and 3/4" wide....(30 if anyone asks)....and gross scores 191". My best buck to date! Shot from 470 yards with the 338 Ultra. Spotted this buck the night before from 2 miles away through the spotter. I thought he was 25-26 or so. Found him the next morning and put the stalk on. He was pretty much in the same spot. Took me 1.5 hours to get to him (steep). He then bedded down and I snuck to within 470 Yards. I watched him through my scope for over 2 hours waiting for him to get up and feed. Put the hammer down and the rest as you can see is history. Usually they shrink a little when you get to them. This one didn't!"

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