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"Big Wyoming Bull Moose for Butch"
Photo provided by: Stuart Russell

Stuart Russell, aka Stubaby here at, writes, "I posted these picture earlier in the year of this bull moose that my buddy had been watching. Here are the pics of opening morning with the bull on the ground with his bow. We went in about 5 am to where we had seen him last. About 5:45, we spotted the bull in the willows with his cow and moved in to about 55 yards. Shooting light was 6:17 and the wind was good, so we just wanted to play the waiting game.
10 after 6 I see two people on the skyline looking down in our direction. One of them has a bow. From where we are, we are way more visible than the moose would be to these new on-lookers. The cow and bull now stand up and start feeding, so we just start watching our watches for the magical 17 after. With 30 seconds to go the cow looks up the hill towards the two guys who are now jogging straight down the hill at the moose in plain sight.

There is no way that they can't see the two of us at this point, but it was clear that they didn't care. The cow had walked around a willow and I told Butch that he needs to move in quick to the 40 yards he wanted to be at. We had planned everything perfect and now these guys were either going to blow it up or shoot the bull out from underneath us. The cow could see that these two guys were coming straight at her, so she started heading to the trees. Luckily, the bull went to follow her and he came out of the willows broadside at 25 yards to Butch.

He had already drawn back and the bull looked back at the two guys who are now within 150 yards of the scene(almost at a full run) for just enough time for the arrow to make its way through the upper rib cage of this big ol dude. He looked at the cow who was now bolting away and tried to follow. He made it 35 or so yards toward her direction before stopping. I had ran to some higher ground to see what he was going to do. I could see the broadhead sticking out of one side and the vanes on the other and blood pouring out both sides like a plastic jug that has been shot with a .22. His head started to sway and then his hind legs got wobbly. They then gave out and he tumbled into a willow bush with twigs snapping everywhere.

26 years of putting in and Butch had his bull. It was so awesome just to be there and see it all go down from point blank range. I looked around to see where the two guys were who almost ruined a once in a lifetime chance for us and they were headed back up the way they came. Not only did they almost screw the whole thing up, they didn't even have the gawl to give congrats to those who were an hour ahead of them and already in position. Public land is public land, but that was something I have never seen."

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