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"Fine 3x3 Buck for Brian"
Photo provided by: Nelson Ashworth

Nelson Ashworth writes, "This picture is of my good buddy, Brian. Together we hit the mountain on October 27, 2011. We had seen a lot of does and two smaller bucks earlier in the morning, but it wasn't until 10:40am that we glassed this big guy up on a steep hillside. He was with two does. They seemed to be quite content to browse around a small bunch of scrub oak. The only problem we had is that there wasn't a single tree or any brush between us and the deer. This ment that Brian was going to have to attempt a 446 yard shot. Without any wind and a solid rest, we were confident that Brian could make a lethal shot. With one shot from the 7mm the deer exploded from its current location and ran up and over another hill. Without knowing if the deer was hit or not we hiked up to where the deer was to see if there was any blood. Sure enough, there was blood. We gave the deer about one hour and started tracking. Within a while we located this big 3x3 buck. He measures 25-3/8 wide and 20 tall. To say the least, we were two happy guys."

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