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"Darin's 14-Inch 'Lope"
Photo provided by: Darin Johnson

Darin Johnson writes, "It was a 100 degree day in central SD on Aug 25th as I started my stalk on this antelope on public walk-in land. He was separated 200 yards from his 13 does and they were all in a recently baled hay field. So I trudged through 400 yards of thick, 8 foot tall reeds in a lakebed to get closer to him. My boots were filled with both swamp water and sweat as I came to the edge of the lakebed. He was bedded down about 150 yards from the edge of the reeds, so I used the spread out round bales for cover to close the gap to 30 yards. The bedded down does could see me, but they did not spook. It was a physically grueling stalk, but well worth it. He measures 14 on both sides."

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