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"Justen's Buck & Bull"
Photo provided by: Justen Hogan

Justen Hogan writes, "This has been a way good season for me. I got my first bull elk. He is a 5x6. I got him with my bow. (The bull on the left is mine and the bull on the right is my friends. He also got with a bow) This is my third muley. He is a 3x3, 24" wide and the story behind him is pretty cool.

Opening morning of rifle deer hunt started on October 22 and me and my dad was down on the Green River in northeastern Utah. We didn't really see anything that morning, so when I started to get hot the bucks started to bed down and we went and pushed a little section of trees that we seen a nice 4x4 bed down and the buck didn't jump out until I was 5 feet away. He spooked me so bad I about dropped my gun, but anyways he jumped in the river and swam across and I only had a split second shot. Unfortunately I missed.

The next morning found us up on a point scouting watching 5 bucks. One was a 3x3 24 wide (the one I shot), 6x2 he was about 10 inches wide but way tall, then there was another 3x3 about 18 inches wide, a big 4x4 about 26 wide, and the last one was a small 4x4. We watched them bed down in some tall sage brush. we waited about an hour and decide to put a stock on them. Unfortunately they did the same thing didnít jump until we about stepped on them. I couldnít get my gun up fast enough but I got one shot and took it I hit the 3x3 way back. We waited awhile but It wasnít long enough he jumped up and we couldnít find him. Then I got dark on us and the next day we had to go back to work.

The next day we could get off was two weeks later and we decide to go and look for him. Surely enough, he was dead, but the coyotes had him down to bone. What he did on us was doubled back on us and went in the canyon behind us to try to wind us. But I am glad to have got him and I would like to thank my dad for helping me take this nice buck."

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