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"Great Weekend of Deer Hunting"
Photo provided by: Mark Zacher

Mark Zacher writes, "Well another year rolled around and we had to change up our hunting area this year. The area we choose was said to be down in population, but some said there were still a few around and also some quality bucks, whitetail and mule deer. We went to our whitetail spot first and my son Tony took a 5x5, not a giant but a nice one. As the day went on my son and I decided to walk over into another area, a little more like mule deer country, we did a lot of glassing with no success. We walked into an area and found a spot higher up looking around several cuts with lots of cover and looked like a traffic area in and out. After looking for about 45 minutes, we decided to unpack and have a little lunch, conversing about this is when the big ones come out when everyone is back at there truck having lunch. We threw out packs back on and was deciding what are next move was. We glassed a little longer and here he came right down the path we walked in on. Now Iíve been looking for a DIY mule deer for a long time in South Dakota, and my son exploded with excitement, got me all jacked up and nervous. He walked in where I had a 150 yard shot and I put him down.
WOW, it really surprised me when I seen him up close. Heís 27Ē wide and will score low 160ís gross. Right place right time I guess, he found me, patients paid off that day.

Now as for my buddyís son, Rob, who shot the wide 4x4 whitetail, he just got back from the Middle East, heís a fire fighter for the air force. He was able to get a tag and come down and hunt with us. He was chasing a 4x3 muley that kind of gave him the slip and came up with this wide whitetail. This is his first prairie whitetail deer, so he was pretty excited as well as his dad was. Thanks Rob you made it a very satisfying weekend, and thanks for being apart of our military forces. And a special thanks to my son, Tony, for helping me all these years looking for a big mule deer. I couldnít have done it with out you. These times are great when two dads spend time with our sonís and have watched them grow up and learn how to become the hunter. What a great weekend."

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