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"Two Fine New Mexico Bucks in One Day"
Photo provided by: Manuel Villanueva

Manuel Villanueva writes, "My father (Ernesto Villanueva) and I were lucky enough to double up on the same day. My father made a great shot and hit his buck at 400 yards running away. When he first saw the buck he thought it was a coyote then when he put the scope on it he said it was a mule deer with deep forks and with a wide spread thatís all he could tell. The buck was running away, my dad was busted so he took the shot he gave him and dropped him in his tracks. He made a hell of a shot. Well after I got there and saw my dads buck I was jumping up and down so happy that my dad had got a really nice one. As for the story of how I got my buck that same day, another buck had just cleared the ridge shortly after and was heading our way at 200 yards. At that time I grabbed my rifle as fast as I could and put a round in my rifle as fast as possible and putting the crosshairs on him at that time the buck saw us, but it was too late, I pulled the trigger dropping him in his tracks. They're only six point bucks, but to me and my father they are the best bucks. What a great hunt!!!!! The bucks came out of Northern New Mexico."

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