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"Fun Hunt for Ron........Great Bull Down"
Photo provided by: Ron Perkins

Ron Perkins did real well on his Mt. Dutton elk hunt, taking this big 'ole bull.
Ron writes, "It was on the third day of the hunt that we came up on these four bulls and eight cows, the bulls screaming at each other and getting ready to fight. But when they seen us they started running up this steep hill, still screamlng at each other. There was two 6x6's and two smaller bulls. Finn (my son-in-law) was the spotter and about 350 yards away. One of the 6x6's turn and looked at us. Finn said take him and the first shot hit him hard, but he went up the hill another 50 yards and stopped and looked at me again. I shot a second time and got lucky....putting him down. I am 68 year's old and it took us eight hours to get the elk back to camp. I've been hunting since I was sixteen year's old and this was one of the great times in my life. It was fun."

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