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"New Mexico Stick-n-String Buck for Allen"
Photo provided by: Allen Perez

Allen Perez writes, "I shot this nice buck 85 yards away after stalking him for 3 hours in sand dune country. My uncle, Bryan Cain, found him with some does about 2 miles away. While my uncle stood back with the spotting scope, I put a 3 hour stalk on this giant. The buck was following a doe and came in to 40 yards and then turn and started to walk away. The buck then stopped and turned at 80 yards. I put my 80 yard pin on him and let it fly. I missed him the first time, so I knocked another arrow and this time I put my 80 yard pin right on his back. I let it rip once again and I was excited when I saw him run 30 yards and fall over! My biggest buck so far! Thanks to my Uncle Bryan for guiding me in!"

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