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"Big Buck Down Baby!!!!!"
Photo provided by: Brian Latturner

So, after 11 scouting days in Wyoming, I decided to end the scouting and go hunting. So, I went looking for the 5x5 I found on my 2nd scouting trip. I also knew of another potential taker in the area.

Packed in with a horse from Yellowstone Horse Rentals in Afton. On opening morning I saw the buck I ended up taking (see live pics below). He was big and I wanted him. I also saw the 5x5, but he really hadn't grown much more from early Aug.

Opening evening and day 2 were tough. But on morning of day 3 I spotted my buck and watched him bed under a stand of pines. After a quick bite to eat, I was on my way. I really didn't think I had a chance to get him. I know of so many things that can go wrong, so all that was dancing in my head. But because of that, maybe that's why it worked. ?????

I was careful going down the hill on the stalk, checking wind, watching for other bucks, trying to spot my buck before he caught glimpse of me. I took my time, stayed low, remained confident, and eased down the hill.

Everything worked great and I put myself 50 yards from the bedded buck. Being on a steep hill, I set my sight to 43 yards and decided to launch one as he bedded. I hit him perfect, the broadhead did it's job and the buck died after just 45 yards.

Incredible adventure!!! To really appreciate it, you guys need to watch the webcast. Great time for me. Great memory. Great accomplishment. Luck shined on me.
WATCH THE WEBCAST!!! It's 25 minutes, but worth it I think.


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