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"Beast-of-a-Bull for Roshelle"
Photo provided by: Roshelle Jones

Roshelle Jones writes, "I've been putting in for 14 years for Utah Limited Entry any bull elk, and this year I finally drew my tag. I drew a Fishlake/Thousand Lakes tag and lucked out with this beautiful bull on the 2nd day of the hunt.

He is my Sunday bull, and I had decided not to hunt on Sunday. But, late Sunday afternoon, some other hunters that we knew came into camp asking if we had a tag and that they had just seen a 350 class bull just getting ready to
cross the road just below our camp. So, I decided to go check it out, and well, we seen a nice one, but he had already crossed the road and was on top of the hill and we watched him go down the other side. So, we decided to go
after him.

We got to the top of this hill and looked over into an open canyon, with pines & quakies on the other side, and just knew we were going to get this bull we had seen. Well he had bugled a couple of times, and next thing we know, we look across this hill and here comes this huge bull
coming right towards us! When we first glassed him, he was over 600 yards, and since he was coming our way we decided to wait him out and get him closer.

He got just over 420 yards and my husband said to go ahead and shoot him, he wasn't going to get any closer. So, here is my bull. 393-7/8.
Shot with a custom built 7mm STW. 2 shots took him down.

I consider myself extremely lucky to get this bull! In 2005, my husband, Victor Jones, lucked out with a Fishlake/Thousand Lakes any bull tag and took a massive 394-1/8 B&C bull."

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