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"Makaila's Muzzleloader Success"
Photo provided by: Boe Taylor

Boe Taylor shared this photo of the fine muley that 15 year old, Makaila Clark took with her muzzleloader.
Boe writes, "After a few bouts with a little bit of buck fever, Makaila worked hard for her first buck. She walked many many miles up and down the canyons during the bow hunt. Saw monster buck, but was unable to get a shot off. Came back for the muzzleloader and missed the first shot. Followed her dad up the steep side of a mountain, out of breath when she got there but managed to get another shot off at the same buck. Luck was not on her side. Last day of the hunt it has snowed the night before, making it impossible to get into where the old buck was. Disappointed she made a promise with her Dad that she would not shoot at anything other than a 4 point or better. Makaila still had the rifle hunt ahead of her and another opportunity at the big one. Her dad saw this one going into the trees and it took a minute for her to get lined out. Makaila shot and hit him in the front shoulder, not enough to knock him down. After an hour of tracking and waiting she finally caught up to him. One more shot and she had him down for good. She says it is not big enough to mount. She has seen the big one and will wait for him. She says a European mount will look just fine in her bedroom."

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