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"Emilee Downed Great Bull Moose"
Photo provided by: Dane Eborn

Dane Eborn writes, "My wife, Emilee, decided that she wanted to go hunting. So, we put her in for moose in our home state of Idaho. We did a lot of scouting and hunted for a total of three days. On the day she shot the moose, we had hunted the morning and took an afternoon nap by a water hole. We decided to head back to where the 4 wheelers were parked. We took a canyon that we had not been in at all. We came across a seep spring and decided to go higher to cross. While attempting to cross, I saw the moose about 25 yards away. I asked Emilee if she wanted to shoot it and she said yes. I put the shooting stix under the gun and she dropped the bull at about 45 yards. When we walked up to the bull the size of the bull was overwhelming. The bull was down at 3 pm and we got 3/4 of the meat out by 1 am. I came back the next day and got the rest. It was alot of work, but Emilee was excited and is asking to put in for elk next year. Very memorable moment for both of us."

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