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"Jeremy's Fine Wyoming Archery Buck"
Photo provided by: Jeremy Klaas

Jeremy Klaas writes, "This is a 155 inch muley deer I took with my bow in WY in area 100. I took him at 35 yards on September 27th. I kicked him up the day before on Monday and thought he was gone forever. I slept on a tarp 3 hours from my truck Monday night and woke up before the sun came up and started glassing for him. After an hour of glassing with no luck, my hopes and water supply were diminishing. Then I spotted him bedded down ¾ of a mile away. He got up and started milling around and I started closing the distance. I got to the next rock upcrop and looked for him again and finally spotted him 500 yards away. I watched him for 45 minutes until he climbed down a cliff and got into the shade. (it was 90 degrees at noon). He disappeared behind a hill and I watched to make sure he didn’t sneak out over the top of the pass. He didn’t. So I hoofed it over to the next rock upcrop and dropped everything except my bow. I only had to go 60 yards or so to be able to look into the draw and I had to stare into the draw for 5 minutes until I saw him. He was in plane view the whole time and he was bedding in the shade at the base of the rock with no cover! The wind was at my face and I made my final 5 yard sneak…drew back and slowly stood up…he saw movement and ran 10 yards, stopped to look at what the movement was and I nailed him. It was a great hunt."

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