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"Brock First Buck ..... 4x5 Archery Trophy"
Photo provided by: Brock Pruitt

Brock Pruitt writes, "I decided to go hunting early in the morning with a friend of mine. We were on our way out when we jumped this deer. We realized that he was a 4x5 that I had seen before the hunts started. I had first ranged the deer at fifty yards, but when I started to draw back he spooked and I had to reposition. Now at sixty five yards he began to feed again, and he gave me a clear broadside shot. After I shot we immediately began to search for the arrow. When we found the arrow it had some blood on it, but I was still unsure of the shot. We decided to head back to camp to give it a couple of hours before we started to track the deer. Before we started to track the deer it began to rain and hail for about an hour, and washed all of the blood away. With a small army of friends and family we looked for three days until everyone had to return to work. The next weekend we continued the search, and we were able to smell him. When we found him, he was less than three hundred yards from where I shot him, and the bears had eaten most of him. This deer has a spread of about 26 inches with a rough score of 165. I would like to thank everyone from camp for their support, and help in finding my first archery deer."

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