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"Fantastic Smokepole Muley"
Photo provided by: Bryce Bishop

Bryce Bishop, aka snowshoe, shared the following in the forums........

Son's First Muzzy Buck

The opener, my son and I went for a ride in the evening. We saw 4 bucks he passed on before this 4x5 he shot at 15 yards. He passed on 2 yearlings, a nice 3x3 with eye guards and a crabby 4x4 that he thought about at 80 yards. He has killed two average 4 points in the previous years and wanted something bigger. We came up on some does on one side of the trail and on the other side my son said, "there's a buck!" I put my glass up to see his back end as he ran into the trees with two other does and I told my son, "he's a giant". We circled around the back side of the group of tree's he ran into, hoping he might come across for a shot. We quietly made our way into the trees looking under us, hoping to see him. We had almost made it through the trees when I thought "he is long gone". Just then my son, walking right behind me said "there he is". I couldn't believe the buck was 15 yards away, quartered away from us looking back at the trail we were first on. When my son went to pull the hammer back on the gun, he released the breach and the gun made a "clank" sound. I looked at him in total disbelief, only to watch him calmly close the gun up with another "clank" for a shot. The deer had turned and looked at him as he placed the red dot on his upper shoulder. With the crack of the gun and a white cloud of smoke, the buck dropped and I told my son, "you got him!!" He was so excited! We didn't know he had a split g-3 till he was on the ground. He is heavy throughout and his only weakness was his 20 inch main beams. He's not wide, but to me that's not a weakness. I love long tined heavy bucks! The taxidermist measured him out at 189". What a great day and life long memory I had with my son! We hunted in Southern Utah.

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